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End of the Maya and the fate of the world: 21 December 2012 is end of the world according to it.

For almost a thousand years, the Long Count Calendar on monuments and ceramic vessels Izapa been registered. Most of the data refer to the local world of social events, the crowning of a king-specific purpose.They wants end of the world?
However, some of the Long Count monuments refer mythological events that at the beginning of the current "World Age" in which we live and who appeared to end.

Depending on the culture of the ancient Maya, part of what scholars call Mesoamerica, astronomy predicts a significant cosmic evolution of the 21st December 2012, including, perhaps, end of the world as we know today, as some people think.
Mayan calendars are still used by some cultures in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador and is considered the most accurate and it is assumed that end of the world.

They date the solar year accurately within a few minutes at end of the world, after taking account of the old cycles of sun, moon, Venus and other celestial bodies, add, and only a "leap" 380,000 years. For end of the world Mayan civilization was very advanced, with technology that modern man still trying to understand when end of the world begins.

Cycle time:

Researchers have discovered how the Long Count calendar with your own Gregorian calendar (the one with a lot of arithmetic) correlated, then we know that the mythical time of the beginning of our day and age of the world and end of the world - where all values are reset to zero - occurred on 11 August 3114 BC. This all experiments call for end of the world.
And with the help of a complex system of Baktuns Maya (measurements of the time), we can calculate when their calendar, a new reaches zero - about every 13 Baktuns (5125 years), the restoration of the Long Count Zero - the calculated time, our current age end of the world and begins a new cycle of time.

Creation, fall and resurrection . The renowned researcher and author Linda Schele (in Freidel, Schele and Parker, Maya Cosmos) wrote: "I realized that all the important images of the Maya cosmic symbolism was probably a bad letter forwarded to end of the world.

Models of the Milky Way and the constellations were directly connected to the Maya vision of Creation. "His performance opens the door to understanding the Mayan cosmology and prophecy.

In order to grasp the Mayan message, we need to understand a little about how they saw the sky and as the events live in the sky several times of death, rebirth, and the passage of time for the souls in this galaxy and addressed in this solar system.

The Milky Way is the most important image in the sky. As we know, we live on the edge of our galaxy, the Milky Way is the dense cluster of stars when looking at the center of our galaxy. It seems that end of the world is a long strip of stars in the sky above us. For the Maya, issue, in passing, and descendant of the Milky Way in the sky marked major points in the cycle time. In addition, sections of the Milky Way and other stars prominent in our sky, our lives and the history of mankind and the heavenly end of the world, the realm of the gods sense is there ere any chances to end of the world due to milky ways.
For the Maya, show the main features of the Milky Way and the development of its position and shape in the night, our origin, and transit and destination country. You are the tree of life and end of the world is not a life, the heavenly crocodile chewing on the tree of life, dream of the Cosmic Canoe of the Gods "paddler" that follows after the Crocodile, "coated pit", or Black Place and seven stars in the Great Bear, the the egocentric September Ara, who tries to take the place of the sun. so it’s redirect us to end of the world.

Simplified told end of the world, the sky moves the story of the end of the world rise of the tree of life in the twilight (as seen in Seven Ara) by the increase of egoism and selfishness followed, which calls fall dangerously on the belly crawl and attack the origin of life and make a forecast right end of the world.

But they are hunted by the paddler gods, and finally the tree of life is reborn and rises before dawn - the whole story of the rise, fall and resurrection of life. Renaissance 21st December 2012 after end of the world.

As shown, the end of the Mayan calendar end of the world and especially for us, simply marks the beginning of the next cycle of rebirth, renewal.

Is this the end of the 21 December 2012, the beginning of the fulfillment of these prophecies of Edgar Cayce and wonderful revelation, or just a step on the long road to this success? Many of the peoples are scare after knowing end of the world at 21 december 2012, But i am enjoying my life cause i know that there is go if think and believe in god then you have not in the blacklist for end of the world 2011.

May be this all are wrong but god must be cragy for doing anything so blaim blessings from god they can o anything for you. Please if you know any ne things relate to end of the world then please share that with all of the world by comment here about end of the world.
Thanks to all of you. May god bless you!!


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