mayan calendar predicts end of the world in 2012

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Recently, there were many rumors about the calculation at the end of the mayan calendar becomes end of the world in 2012. National Geographic has an exhibition that reveals how people are the cycle time of the Mayan prophecy. According to mayan prophecy, the world will experience a big change. Change the world will be different.

Many scientists argue that the pending change will destroy the Earth polar as timing of mayan calendar. This is not true, for a polar shift is occurring about 1,000,000 years. Ca. 5200 years ago, the Mayan civilization was completely destroyed by a terrible storm of ice. Mayan prophecy about mayan calendar is all covered with a thick layer of ice over night. It is expected that there are many important climatic disasters of the century 21 years. Some signs that the world is over are natural disasters such as floods, storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wind, etc., that occur on Earth. If you studied history of mayan calendar, know that many storms that occurred in the United States. More typhoons occur in the U. S.. The tornadoes, which are stronger than EF2 tornadoes occur worldwide.

There are also people who are hit the Earth with another planet and destroyed a once and for all to believe. Some people are rumors about a terrible war, and the third world war that will destroy all life on earth, including animals and human this all happens about detailed in mayan calendar.

Scientists, the Maya inscriptions Texas School Study of claim 21 December 2012, the end of time. Instead, he remembered the anniversary of the founding of the Mayan spiritual. Showed that the Maya people never say the world will end in 2012. The mayan calendar is very different in the modern solar calendar. In the Mayan calendar there are only 260 days. There are cycles of five pounds over the course of time. Each cycle lasts 5125 years.

According to the mayan calendar in the 21st Century at the end of the cycle time. The mayan calendar shows the 21 Century is at the end of 5 cycles of time. The mayan calendar have shown that the human race to reach the summit of 26,000 cases at the end of five cycles of time. NASA scientists said the earth stopped for a few days. Then rotate 90 degrees in 60 minutes at 200 kilometers per hour. During this revolution, all volcanoes on Earth. In an hour to die two or three percent of the world's population. Volcanic ash that covers the face of the earth for about 6 months. Consequently, there is no sun for 6 months. Scientist’s estimate that 10% of the population of the planet to survive die during the remaining 90% of the population. If you are interested in more information about the Mayan prophecy, we can see the moving image revelation 2012th the film shows how to end the human race within a short time.

The mayan calendar is probably the main reason why the dire predictions in en of the world2012 and theories are as much attention as they are. According to the mayan calendar, come the end of the world will soon. I will explain what the Mayan calendar and how it works.

The mayan calendar is an old calendar that was in use at least 600 BC were great, the Maya to observe the universe and was a mayan calendar that is making more accurate and probably better than the popular calendar in use today.
This mayan calendar does not have a variable number of days per month because it is 13 months instead of 12th this is natural because there are about 13 to 12 full moons in a year. The calendar is also very long, as Mather fact, more than 5000 years. The term of mayan calendar is 21 December 2012, that gives a date of end of the world and has therefore received much attention this mayan calendar.

This meant that the Maya world will end when the calendar is complete or not a stranger means “end of the world in 2012”. While some people are afraid of what could happen, others believe that means the date an ascent phase of the man in the Age of Aquarius.

Any talk around the world on the mayan calendar, but few know that the Mayans were. The history of Maya culture is as old as 3,000 years before Christ. Over time they have developed as Indian agriculture, including religious culture, political and scientific purposes. They also have a vital role in human evolution. They developed various cities and pyramids of their culture are integrated into the fabric of history. With the development of human civilization of the Maya began to disappear. The Mayans were the first to introduce the mayan calendar. They developed the calendar and the latest astronomical cycle mechanism, based on 26,000 years of the Pleiades. But despite several important contributions are the mayan calendar for the controversial phenomenon of the 21st century in the forecast December 2012 remembered.

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